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Imperfect Leaders

Every leader I know, past and present, comes with flaws and failures (myself included, of course).

Leaders from past generations have blindspots that make us blush now. Leaders from our day have their own peculiar shortcomings, too.

So, how should we think of imperfect leaders? Should we follow them?

Do certain imperfections require us to dismiss them altogether? Or, can we retain some leaders as heroes worthy of emulation? If so, who and by what standard?

And what about those of us who have leadership roles now? Knowing that we will only ever be imperfect leaders, what would a realistic ideal look like for us?

The Book of Kings suggests an answer to these questions by giving us a helpful category for evaluating leaders and leadership: good-hearted but imperfect.

In 1 Kings 15, we meet King Asa of Judah. We are told this about Asa:

"[11] And Asa did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, as David his father had done. [12] He put away the male cult prostitutes out of the land and…

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